Welcome to the Google Earth Multimedia section of the College of William and Mary’s Geology of Virginia website. Here, you will find virtual field trips that include interactive Google Earth .kmz files in addition to video explanations for various field locales in Virginia. To enhance these field trips and to highlight some of the distinctive landforms, we have overlain geologic maps and cross sections onto Virginia topography in Google Earth. The “tilt and zoom” interface allows users to understand the three-dimensional geometry of geologic structures and their relationship to the geography. For instance, steeply-dipping fracture zones occur in many Blue Ridge mountain wind gaps; the linear nature of these features is easily discerned when “flying over” these features parallel to their strike. Google Earth and Quicktime player are required to view content on this site.
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Introductory Video

This QuickTime video provides a prologue to William & Mary’s Google Earth project. The narrated flyover highlights the power of Google Earth to see the landscape. When a geologic map is draped over the topography the close relationship between terrain and geology becomes evident. Field trip locations in Shenandoah National Park are highlighted. Click below to view the introduction.

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Google Earth .kml file of the Blue Ridge, southern Shenandoah National Park

This downloadable .kml file includes 1) a geologic map, 2) an explanation, and 3) locations of worthwhile field locations. After downloading the file, it can be opened using Google Earth. The file can be played in Google Earth as a virtual flyover/tour of the Blue Ridge or the user can pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom on his/her own. The various data layers can be turned on and off as desired. Field trip stops are labeled; by clicking on the label more information about the site is displayed and links provided to other content, such as maps, cross sections, and videos, available at the Geology of Virginia website.

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 Educational Videos:

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All images seen on this page were created by the Geology Dept. at the College of William & Mary and using Google Earth 4.0.2416 (beta). This project was funded by the Information Technology’s TIP Fellowship program . The content available on this site was generated by Erik Haug, Chuck Bailey -- Geology, and Pablo Yanez -- IT Liason.