Appalachian Plateau province

AP- Rugged, well-dissected landscape with dendritic drainage pattern. Elevation- 1000'-3000' with High Knob rising to over 4000'.

Valley & Ridge province

RV- Ridge & Valley
long linear ridges separated by linear valleys with trellis drainage pattern. Elevation- 1000'-4500'.

GV- Great Valley subprovince: broad valley with low to moderate slopes underlain by carbonate rocks. Elevation- 500'-1500' north of Roanoke, 1200'-2300' south of Roanoke

M- Massanutten Mountain: Series of long linear ridges that rise to 3000' above the Great Valley

Blue Ridge province

nBR- northern Blue Ridge subprovince: rugged region with steep slopes narrow ridges, broad mountains, and high relief. Elevation 1500'-4200'.

sBR-southern Blue Ridge subprovince: broad upland plateau with moderate slopes. Elevation 2400'- 3000' with higher peaks rising above upland, including 5729' Mt. Rogers.

Piedmont province

F- Foothills subprovince: region with broad rolling hills and moderate slopes. Elevation 400'-1000' with peaks rising to 1500'-2500'.

ML- Mesozoic lowlands subprovince: region with modest relief and low slopes underlain by Mesozoic sedimentary and igneous rocks. Elevation 200'-400'.

OP- Outer Piedmont subprovince:   broad upland with low to moderate slopes. Elevation 600'-1000' in west gradually diminishing to 250'- 300' in east.

Coastal Plain province

CU- Upland subprovince: broad upland with low slopes and gentle drainage divides. Steep slopes develop where dissected by stream erosion. Elevation- 60'-250'.

CL- Lowland subprovince: flat, low-relief region along major rivers and near the Chesapeake Bay. Elevation- 0-60'.

BM- Barrier Islands & Salt Marshes: low, open areas covered with sediment and vegetation in direct proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Elevation 0'-15'.

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