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Chippokes State Park in Surry County, VA

  • Eastover and Yorktown Formations (Miocene and Pliocene epochs, respectively)
  • Directions: From I-95 and I-295, take Route 10 towards Hopewell. Follow Route 10 East for approximately 40 miles to Surry. Turn left at the intersection of routes 10 and 31 (this continues on Route 10). Turn right at the blinking light. Turn left at Route 634 (Alliance Road), and the park entrance is four miles on the left.
  • Fossils: sponge borings, corals, bryozoans, gastropods, clams, scallops, oysters, barnacles, fish (vertebrae), ray (dental plates), shark (teeth and vertebrae), and porpoises and whales (vertebrae, teeth, inner ear bones, bone fragments)
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