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Phosphate Mine at Lee Creek, Aurora, NC

  • Pungo River and Yorktown Formations (Early Miocene and Pliocene epochs, respectively)
  • The mine is privately owned and an application must be completely in order to hunt for fossils there. The mine asks that fossil hunters come only once in a season to allow other fossils hunters to be able to come and collect.
  • Directions: To spoil piles at Aurora Fossil Museum - Take US-17S to NC-33. Make a left onto Nc-33 and travel 25.5 miles. Turn left onto North 5th St. and continue for 0.3 miles. Turn right onto Main St. and arrive at the museum in 0.1 miles. Spoil piles are composed of materials from the Phosphate Mine.
  • Fossils: gastropods, bivalves, sand dollars, shark teeth. fish vertebrae, fish coprolites, sting ray material (stinger fragments, dental plates), turtle shell fragments, dolphin teeth, whale teeth
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