Mvto (Thanks)

Totkv mocvse (new fire) is a term used for the ceremonial fire marking the rebirth of a tribal town. We hope this work will rekindle interest and pride in the Creek language and in Earnest Gouge and other keepers of Creek traditions.

We are grateful to the Smithsonian Institutionís National Anthropological Archives for allowing us to publish these texts and for making photographs and photocopies of the originals available to us.

Felix Gouge provided enthusiastic support for the project, shared his family history, and showed us his grandfatherís home, church, and ceremonial ground.
  Felix Gouge, 1997
Edna Gouge introduced us to other family members and provided encouragement.

                                                                                     Sash by Edna Gouge

Alice Snow, Happy Jones, and Ralph Heneha, Jr. told us their versions of stories and helped with older words.

Gloria and Michael McCarty made sound recordings of Margaret Mauldin reading the stories. Jesse Mercer and Virginia Crowell helped with the typing. Pamela Innes, Jason Jackson, and Craig Womack provided helpful comments.

The National Endowment for the Humanities (under grant RT-2156694) and the National Science Foundation (under grant SBR-9809819) funded this research as part of a larger project to document the Creek language.

To all who have helped, we say, Mvto!