The following frequently asked questions have been compiled by the Museum staff.


  1. How can I donate to the Museum?
  2. How do I donate art to the Museum?
  3. How can I volunteer with the Museum?
  4. How can I become a member of the Museum?
  5. How can I become a Docent of the Museum?
  6. What is a Friend of the Museum, and how do I become one?


  1. Are tours available?
  2. How can I book a tour?
  3. How do I book a school or group tour?
  4. Is there a requirement for chaperones for youth/school tours?


  1. Does the Museum have rules or restrictions for the general public?
  2. Where can I park? Can I get a parking pass?
  3. Is the Museum wheelchair accessible? Is there an elevator available? What amenities are available for visitors with disabilities?
  4. Can I bring food into the Museum?
  5. Can the Museum evaluate, authenticate, or appraise my art?
  6. What is the "Solar Wall"


  1. Can I take photographs in the galleries?
  2. Can I sketch in the galleries?
  3. How do I get a reproduction of an image from the galleries?
  4. As an artist, how can I show my work at your Museum?
  5. As an artist, can you look at my portfolio?
  6. As a college student, how can I be involved with the Museum?
  7. Are college internships available in collaboration with the Museum?
  8. Is the Museum available as an event venue?
  9. Can I show my artwork at the Muscarelle?
  10. Does the Museum appraise works outside of their collection?


  1. Where can I get more information on a specific work of art?
  2. Where can I get more information on my family history/genealogy?
  3. How can I view an object in the collection that is not currently on display?
  4. Can I get images of works in the collection?
  5. What exhibitions or works in the collection are slated to show in the future?

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