St. FrancisJacques Callot Studies from the Permanent Collection
April 29, 2014 — February 8, 2015

This collection of etchings, by the 17th-century French printmaker Jacques Callot, represents a significant acquisition for the Museum.  A variety of series that Callot completed over his career are on view, including a pristine impression of one of his best-known works, the etching of Saint Amond. Shown in the Herman Print Study Room, the viewer will have a chance to explore the provenance, or history of ownership, of the works on view.

St. Francis Kabuki Theater Woodcuts
April 29, 2014 — February 8, 2015

Kabuki (its name comprised of the Kanji characters for “sing”, “dance”, and “skill”) is a form of Japanese theatre known for its elaborate costumes, striking makeup, and intricate choreography. The ancient celebration of the beautiful and the bizarre is immortalized in this exhibition of Kabuki theatre woodcuts from the permanent collection.

St. Francis
American Naturalism: Selections from the Owens Foundation
February 8, 2014 — January 11, 2015

This exhibition highlights the idea of the beauty of nature in art, a key theme of 19th-century American landscape painters. Generously lent from the Owens Foundation, works by Thomas Cole, Robert Henri and Edward Potthast are among the artists represented.

St. Francis
CELEBRATING THE AMERICAN SCENE: Painters of the Federal Art Program
February 8, 2014 — January 11, 2015

The paintings and watercolors in this exhibition were commissioned by the Federal Arts Project (1935—1943), a sector of the Works Progress Administration that promoted the creation of hundreds of thousands of works of art around the country for display in schools, libraries, and other public buildings.  This collection of works, on loan from U.S. General Services Administration, portrays the growing urbanization of American rural landscape and its people from the beginnings of the Depression into World War II. 

St. Francis
European Paintings from the Permanent Collection and Important Loans
February 8, 2014 — February 8, 2015

This exhibition is comprised of a selection of European landscapes, portraits and religious images, from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. The paintings come from the permanent collection and loans from Thomas D. Dossett and Associates and the Collection of Francesco and Oletta Lauro.  Works by Titian, Diego Velázquez, and Luca Giordano are among the important artists on view.




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