The Museum offers a lively experience for volunteering, including practicums, and hands-on work experience to parallel academic research. With our valuable philosophy of establishing the Museum as a labaratory, students, as future professionals, can gain valuable experiences to further goals and interests.

Our volunteers and interns work directly with all of our professional staff, across departments, making valuable connections in the operations of an art museum and nonprofit organization.The Museum experience is not limited to people interesed in museums or art. The Museum is a highly complex non-profit business with divisions in administration, art, education, marketing, public relations, and more. No matter what your major, or your future career expectations, you can find valuable experience that will lend itself to future work.

To volunteer at the Museum, we ask that you commit to a minimum of two hours a week during a semester. This is a great way to get a feel for museum work. Hours can be filled with daily tasks, or special projects, depending on what your interests and career goals are. We strive to balance each volunteer's time with daily tasks and portfolio pieces. A portfolio piece is something that is created to show others your skills, and adds to your vita. It can be anything from a publication to a byline on exhibition productions, depending on what you are working on. Daily tasks help reinforce the administrative side of the Museum, teaching you valuable professional and communication skills.

You can also choose to intern for college credit, to do so please read about the internship program.

Your FIRST STEP is to fill out an application, and submit it to the Education Office at the Museum. You will then be called for an interview. Interviews are most commonly held during the first and last weeks of the semester, but please apply anytime. Depending on the projects, we may have something that is a perfect fit for your skills and interests.

For further information please contact Erica Woebse, Internal Affairs Coordinator at or 757.221.2731.



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