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African Cultural Society


" We face Neither East nor West We Face Forward"

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Join us at the Africa House( Pleasants 2nd floor) every Tuesday at 6:00Pm
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We have crowned our First Miss Africa!!!

Upcoming Events

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March 26th:
ACS Africa Pageant/Fashion Show
UC Commonwealth
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Lina Calin: Miss Africa Pageant Winner
African Awareness Day 1: Blood Coltan

Blood Coltan Coltan is a mineral that can be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 80 percent of all Coltan can be found in the DRC.

Violence is constant part of life in the eastern part of the country as rebel forces fight one another over control of this mineral. Coltan is commonly used to make products like cell phones that we use in our daily life.
William and Mary Got Talent Show
Saturday April 3rd
UC Commonwealth @7 pm
Read about her! About Us
Monday April 19th: Check out the videos on coltanT on wmtv Chanel 53 at 5pm tonight. Make sure to tell all your friends and check it out. Subject: "Blood Colton" in the Democratic Republic of Congo Check

We will be selling paper-to-pearl at the U.C. tables throughout the week

Tuesday April 20th 6-8pm Millington 117--Capacity Building and Gender in Higher Education in Africa: talk w/ Andrea Johnson Andrea Johnson is a William and Mary alum and is currently a program officer in Carnegie Corporation of New York's International Program in Higher Education and Libraries in Africa.

Saturday April 24th 1pm -4pm ACS Field Day!! Dunking Booth and Food Barksdale field. All proceeds go to send children to summer camp through Nah We Yone.

Check out our displays of African items in the Earl Greg Swem all week

What is in Store for the AFrican Awareness week:

Africa Awareness week April 19-24th pm
ACS Field Day:
April 24th