What is Asian Student Council (ASC)?

Download the ASC consitution
At its core, ASC is an "umbrella organization," whose purpose is to promote unity among the Asian organizations. Its members are inclusive of any who wish to come to its meetings on Mondays at 6pm in Washington 201, and it functions in all practical sense to organize a meeting between all the club heads: the highest ranking officer or designated "liason" of the Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, South Asian, and Vietnamese student organizations. It is organized by six outside officers, a variety of people from the various Asian organizations.
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The Asian Student Council's constitution states its purpose as thus:
  • act as a forum for communication among the Asian student organizations and for the coordination of their opinions and activities,
  • foster unity and camaraderie among Asian students at the College,
  • nurture understanding and pride in our Asian heritage,
  • promote education and awareness of the Asian culture at the College and in the community, and
  • maintain relations with the College administration, other cultural organizations of the College, Asian associations at other universities, Asian alumni, and the Asian community.
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