Black Graduate Student Association




As the Executive Board of the Black Graduate Student Association, we are pleased to welcome you to The College of William and Mary and the BGSA.  After being inactive for nearly ten years, William and Mary’s chapter of the BGSA was reinstated during the 2005/006 school year and was established as an organizational member of the National Black Graduate Student Association.  Since the reinstatement of the organization, we have worked hard to promote our vision and mission.


The Black Graduate Student Association embraces the vision to bridge the gaps among the various graduate programs and to instill a sense of community and support within the Black community.  The mission of the BGSA is to:


§    Promote and encourage professional competence.

§    Support mentorship among graduate and professional students for the benefit of the Black undergraduate community and the community “at-large.”

§    Sponsor Community Service projects.

§    Assist in the recruitment and matriculation of Black students to the various graduate and professional school programs.

§    Act as a referral service for Black graduate and professional students.

§    Provide moral support by encouraging social interaction among Black graduate and professional students.


As evidenced by the various programs and specializations represented, the BGSA possesses a wealth of both individual and collective talent and potential.  Therefore, we encourage all that are interested in joining the association to be devoted to our vision, mission, and dreams of making the BGSA an integral part of The College of William and Mary’s graduate and undergraduate community.


The 2007-08 academic year will be filled with a variety of events. Further details for events will be supplied at a later date. We hope you will take part in the opportunities and events planned by the BGSA this year.


The Black Graduate Student Association prides itself on being able to give back to the William and Mary community as well as assist Black graduate and professional students in anyway. We hope this letter will encourage you to become an active member of the BGSA. Thank you!



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