Black Graduate Student Association


For approximately ten years, the Black Graduate Student Association at the College of
William and Mary has been inactive. At the beginning of the school year, several students took the initiative to reinstate the organization to bridge the gaps among the various graduate programs and to instill a sense of unity and support within the Black community. Since the reinstatement of the organization, the executive board has re-established our membership with the National Black Graduate Student Association, acquired a budget, collaborated with businesses in the local community, and strengthened relationships with Black alumni.

Purpose of the BGSA

To promote and encourage professional competence

To support mentorship among graduate and professional students for the benefit of the Black undergraduate community and the community “at-large”

To sponsor Community Service projects

To assist in the recruitment and matriculation of Black students to the various graduate and professional school programs

To act as a referral service for Black graduate and professional students

To provide moral support by encouraging social interaction among Black graduate and professional students.


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