William and Mary

Bill of Rights Journal

Volume 9 Apr. 2001 Issue 3


Shrinking Domain of Invidious Intent Lexis
Westlaw 525

K.G. Jan Pillai

Perspectives on Constitutional Exemptions to Civil Rights Laws: Boy Scouts of America v. Dale

Introduction Lexis
Westlaw 591

Bryson J. Hunter

The Expressive Interest of Associations Lexis
Westlaw 595

Catherine Fisk

Erwin Chemerinsky

The Right of Expressive Association and Private Universities' Lexis
Westlaw 619

Racial Preferences and Speech Codes

David E. Bernstein


Personal Does Not Always Equal "Private": The Lexis
Westlaw 645

Constitutionality of Requiring DNA Samples from Convicted

Felons and Arrestees

Martha L. Lawson

Treading the Thin Blue Line: Military Special-Operations Lexis
Westlaw 673

Trained Police SWAT Teams and the Constitution

Karan R. Singh