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Mission Statement

The main objective of Chicas Latinas Unidas to provide knowledge about and appreciation of Latinas, in both Latin America and the U.S., in regards to cultural traditions and current issues. Chicas Latinas Unidas also wishes to reach out and assist Latinas within the campus and Williamsburg communities, as well as, abroad. Our main endeavors are to be recognized as an organization that inform the campus and outside community about the cultures and issues that pertain to Latinas.

"I'm Venezuelan, but I'm half Dominican, and I love Puerto Rico. I'm Latina."

"Soy venezolana, pero soy mitad dominicana, y amo Puerto Rico. Soy Latina."

"'Latino' doesn't deny the Spanish decent, but it includes being indigenous and African."

"'Latino' no desmiente la descendencia espanola, pero incluye indigena y africano."

"Being Latino means that you recognize all the cultures that live in you."

"Ser latino quiere decir que uno reconoce todas las culturas que viven en uno."

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CLU meetings are held on Thursdays, from 7-8pm.