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As a fraternity, Delta Phi’s central focus is brotherhood. The Delta Phi Fraternity is a small, close-knit brotherhood of 28 men.  We at Delta Phi pride ourselves on the fact that we are small and selective. By carefully selecting our new members, we can maintain the strong tradition of brotherhood that exists within our chapter. To the casual observer we may seem just another social fraternity, but a closer look reveals the many facets of our brotherhood.

Becoming a brother of the Delta Phi fraternity enters you into a lifetime commitment. There is much hard work put into the everyday operations of the fraternity by each undergraduate brother.  We maintain strong bonds of brotherhood by constantly working together and supporting each other in all they do.  Delta Phi's brotherhood experience does not end upon graduation. After a brother leaves William & Mary, he stays committed to the success of the chapter and our alumni have a vested interest in the chapter’s success. They continue to stay in touch with the brotherhood’s efforts and with each other, wherever their lives may lead. This is a testament to the friendships and bonds that are formed at the Delta Phi.

The fraternity’s success depends heavily upon the commitment of individual brothers. Joining our fraternity is not a casual commitment, by any means. Rather, the high degree of dedication that brothers past and present offer to the house is what provides the Delta Phi’s continued strength and prosperity.


Delta Phi can be found participating in intramural events from football, basketball, soccer, and floor hockey to softball and volleyball. The team spirit is never lost with a Delta Phi team on the field.  You can always be sure that there will be a place for you on the court or the field. The small size of the brotherhood allows for a great deal of participation in all sports. The brotherhood also participates in co-rec sports, often teaming up with sororities and other friends of the fraternity.

More than anything else, we like to have fun. Still, the competitive spirit can be quite strong among brothers. Last year, Delta Phi sports teams reached the semifinals or finals in many of the IM sports we competed in.  The brothers are always striving towards the ultimate goal of winning an intramural championship tee shirt, while always trying to have as much fun as possible.  You will also find athletes in the fraternity on rowing team and on the Club Baseball and Hockey teams. Meanwhile, the majority of brothers opt to reminisce about their athletic glory days in high school and wait for foosball to become an Olympic sport.


Delta Phi hosts a variety of social activities, ranging from tri-weekly parties to annual, large-scale events such as Fall and Spring Formal Dances and a Wine and Cheese party during Homecoming.  Depending on the time of year, the brothers are also found hanging out at the house doing many different things. At any time of day, the brothers can be found hanging out at the house. Some of the activities the brothers enjoy most are: foosball, televised sports, napping in the hammock, poker or just hanging out on the porch pretending to study.  The porch is an integral part of the Delta Phi house experience. It is an ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon with friends and brothers.


Delta Phis can also be found participating in many social events that extend beyond the house. The brothers go out to the delis, attend concerts and other campus events, and support the Tribe at sporting events throughout the year. In and out of the house and all around campus, Delta Phi offers many social opportunities to provide an escape from the academic rigor of William & Mary.


Each spring, Delta Phi conducts the Annual Spring Croquet Tournament to benefit Avalon, a shelter for battered women and their children. Delta Phi was the first male organization that was allowed to be affiliated with or to organize any event to benefit the shelter.  Each spring the sororities donate money in order to participate in the tournament. All of the money raised with this event goes to Avalon. The fraternity has raised over $1,000 each year, and raised over $4,000 in 2006. In 1995, Delta Phi was recognized by the Council for Fraternity Affairs and the College as having done the best philanthropic work out of all of the fraternities. With such active participation on behalf of the sororities, and an overall enthusiasm for our Croquet Tournament on campus, the brothers of Omega Alpha view the philanthropic pursuits that they have undertaken as they should be: beneficial and fun.  For more information on Croquet, see our Croquet web page.

Campus GolfOther philanthropic activities include volunteering at Morningside Nursing Home, helping with and contributing to Colorblind, participating in the Up 'Til Dawn fundraising program, APO, Baseball Buddies, Students Helping Honduras, Campus Kitchens, and working with the Knights of Columbus. Delta Phi also actively supports the philanthropic efforts of the other Greek organization at William & Mary.  Some of the philanthropies we supported last year include Kappa Delta Campus Golf, Pi Beta Phi's Phield Day, Kappa Alpha Theta's Crabfeast, Delta Gamma Achorslam, Gamma Phi Beta's Moonball, Theta Kickball, and AXΩ Olympics.

Philanthropy is a big part of the fraternity and each member is expected to help give back to the community during his membership.

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