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Brotherhood \Broth"er*hood\, n. [Brother + -hood.] 

  1. The state or relationship of being brothers.
  2. Fellowship.
  3. An association of men, such as a fraternity or union, united for common purposes

As a fraternity, Delta Phi's central focus is brotherhood. Delta Phi is a small, close-knit fraternity with around 30 active brothers. We at Delta Phi pride ourselves on the fact that we are small and selective. By carefully selecting our new members, we can maintain the strong tradition of brotherhood that exists within our chapter. While to the casual observer we may seem just another social fraternity, a closer look unveils the many facets of our brotherhood.

Becoming a member of the Delta Phi fraternity enters you into a lifetime commitment. As an undergraduate member, much hard work goes into the everyday operations of the fraternity. While to many this may seem a burden, we at Delta Phi understand that this dedication is necessary to maintain the strong bonds of brotherhood. A Delta Phi's brotherhood experience does not end upon graduation. After a brother leaves William & Mary, he stays committed to the success of the chapter. Our alumni have a vested interest in the chapter's success and they continue to make efforts to stay in touch with the brotherhood and with each other, wherever their lives may lead. This is a testament to the friendships and bonds that are formed at Delta Phi.

The fraternity's success is reliant upon the commitment of its individual brothers. To join our fraternity is by no means a casual commitment. Rather, the high degree of dedication that brothers past and present offer to the house is what provides Delta Phi's continued strength and prosperity.

National Information

 X Delta Phi is the oldest continually active social fraternity in the United States and was the first to call their organization a fraternity.
 X Delta Phi was founded in 1827 at Union College in Schenectady, New York.
 X Delta Phi's motto is Semper Ubique which means "Always and Everywhere"
 X Delta Phi's list of famous alumni include J.P. Morgan Jr., John Jacob Astor, Charles Scribner, The Harper Brothers, George Santayana and James Roosevelt.

Further information is available here or in the Rush Books which are available at any rush event.

Rushing Delta Phi

The recruitment process for Delta Phi differs from other fraternities in a few unique ways, all of which are designed to give the brothers and you a better chance to see if Delta Phi is the right choice. Here are some distinct features about the Delta Phi rush on campus:

We do not give out Fall bids.
Giving bids only in the spring gives the brothers and the prospective brothers a better opportunity to get to know each other. Every other fraternity at William and Mary gives bids after the first three weeks of each semester. These short three week stints of recruitment also tend to be some of the most difficult during the semester, as everybody readjusts to their W&M schedule. For a potential brother, it is a very short period to meet the members of an organization with whom you will spend a great deal of time. While joining a house based on its reputation or the party it threw during the first three weeks of school can be tempting, it may take a full semester to meet enough brothers to make an informed decision.

We are a 100% house.
The various Greek organizations at William and Mary recruit and then award bids based on a vote by the members. Usually the vote has to be slightly over a one-half or two-thirds majority. Here at Delta Phi, a potential brother will not be given a bid until every brother has met and requested that he be given the chance to pledge. We know it may seem difficult to meet every brother, especially when many of you are very involved on campus. While it is ultimately a recruits’ responsibility to get to know all the brothers, we recognize the difficulty and will meet anyone showing an interest in our house more than halfway. We realize that you are making an effort and so will we. Here on this website you can see many of the scheduled rush events during the first and second semester leading up to our Bid Day. Feel free to drop by during one of these times or just come by the house on 197 Armistead Avenue next to Sorority Court. Coming by the house is one of the best ways to meet brothers, many of whom visit multiple times a day. Also, feel free to email one of the three rush chairs and ask to be put on the listserve for events. We are typically very involved on campus and easy to find in various activities, so feel free to approach a brother at any time to ask about rushing or other activities.

We don’t base our decision on numbers.
Delta Phi is one of the few fraternities not located on the row and the only on Old Campus. One of the benefits of this is that we do not need to fulfill a quota to keep our house. For us, a recruit is never just a number to fill a requirement; we can and will invite as many men to pledge as receive a bid. This flexibility allows us to have a spring class of as few as one to as many as fifteen or twenty pledges. A prospective brother is never in competition with his fellow prospective brothers and each individual is considered independently. Prospective brothers are encouraged to invite their friends to rush with them to possibly help determine who you may end up pledging with.

Pledging Delta Phi

Delta Phi expects its pledge process to achieve one goal: building better brothers. The process positively affects each pledge through its emphasis on our pillars of friendship, morality and literature, and through encouraging spiritual, mental, and physical improvement. By stressing pledge class unity, pledgeship produces a cohesive and distinct group of new brothers. Through the activities that foster pledge/brother interaction, Delta Phi’s new members become an integral part of the fraternity. The Omega Alpha pledge process is so efficient and effective at accomplishing its goals that the Delta Phi national organization has adopted parts of it as a national pledging guide.

The Delta Phi pledge process is a challenging time. Pledges are asked to rise above many obstacles, both individually and as a class. Each activity that the brothers plan for the pledges has a calculated purpose and is another step toward the ultimate goal of brotherhood. For many, the pledge period is a time of personal discovery and growth. Pledges also realize a degree of camaraderie among men that is seldom equaled.

The Delta Phi Fraternity does not believe that acts of embarrassment, submission, or triviality belong in our pledge process. Brothers NEVER force any pledge to consume alcohol, nor do the brothers subject the pledges to any act of public embarrassment. The purpose of the process is to build a stronger fraternity, not to defile the character of those who strive to become brothers. The brothers encourage and help each pledge have a successful and rewarding pledge process.

Pledging Delta Phi is a unique experience for all who experience it. As long as the pledge attacks his pledgeship with sincere commitment and effort, it becomes a time of achievement and growth the produces fond memories of the people and experiences that he encountered during the process.

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