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Rushing a Fraternity

"Rush"… so named because fraternity members have traditionally dedicated much time and energy into the recruitment of new men into their organizations. Years ago, fraternities would literally rush to the train and bus stations to be the first ones to meet as many new students as possible. Delta Phi is the longest continuous social fraternity in the United States. We find and recruit the best college men by offering them the chance to join more than a four-year-frat. At Delta Phi we do not really “rush” anyone into joining. We invite and challenge individuals to join a brotherhood that will last much longer than four years.

Rushing at W&M
Having gone through the process ourselves, we understand that rushing can be a stressful and somewhat intimidating experience. Here at William & Mary, rush generally refers to the three weeks after the first day of classes leading up to Bid Day when invitations to join, known as bids or shakes, are given to potential new members. After accepting a bid, a pledging period begins where the pledge becomes familiar with the fraternity and its operations. The process is repeated again in the spring semester after Winter Break.

Students who are possibly interested in Greek Life and decide to rush should try to stop by several houses. Every chapter on campus has its own unique personality and quirks which make them great. There are several events at the beginning of the semester such as Meet the Greeks and Open Houses which facilitate visiting multiple fraternities and gathering a personal opinion of where you may fit in. If you are offered and choose to accept a bid, any fraternity wants to be confident that you have made a well-informed decision that their fraternity is right for you.

A personal word of advice: use the scheduled events as a springboard to get to know members of the various fraternities. Don't be afraid to get involved with their activities and to socialize whenever possible. Every fraternity has events outside of the mandatory Open Houses, which present another great way to meet prospective brothers and to go out and have fun.

For further information, be sure to check out the Council for Fraternity Affairs (CFA) recruitment website at



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