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February 5, 2009: The Premiere!
The premiere is scheduled for Saturday, February 28 8 p.m. at the Commonwealth in the Sadler Center.
January 27, 2009: Updates, updates, updates!
A few new links have been added to the links section. There'sa new article on our female lead Francesca Chilcote from her high school as well as another article from Charlottseville's Daily Progress about Russell Smith. Also the contact page has been updated for those that need to get in touch with the production. A profile for the writer Matt Pinsker has been added in the cast and crew section as well. Stay tuned for more!
January 13, 2009: Trailer is up!
Here it is folks, the first official trailer to the upcoming film due out February 25, 2009!
January 11, 2009: Posters!
Now found under the photos section are the first official posters to the film! Hope you enjoy them!
Poster1 Poster2
January 10, 2009: Welcome!
Welcome to the official website of Sergeant Cheerleader: The Movie! The largest student film production in William and Mary history, the story revolves around ROTC Cadet Will Poole (Chris Manitius) who joins the cheerleading squad. Hilarity ensues. Based on the screenplay by student Matt Pinsker and directed by senior Thomas Baumgardner, the film is set to release in late February. Come back here for the latest updates on the film!
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