International Performing Arts Exchange
Ipax website launched

*Amazing or not

IPAX is the International Performance Arts eXchange.
The mission of IPAX is to expand perspectives, expose worlds never
before experienced and inspire others to engage the arts on a personal and artistic level.
Professor Francis Tanglao-Aguas, along with several other students, created IPAX in the
Spring of 2007 after the production of Ramayana La'ar and
officially became an organization of the College of William & Mary on December 2007.

IPAX carries the legacy of the AATC (African American Theater Club) and it is thus
historically significant to the William & Mary community. As of late, the organization is
currently based in Williamsburg, Virginia but hopes to expand its
performance space internationally.

We are divided into 5 committees:

Dance & Instrumental
Fine Arts
If you are interested or experienced in any of these divisions, and desire to make a significant
impact on our campus, then IPAX is for