to the William and Mary Anime Society (WMAS) Webpage!

Hello, members of WMAS and potential guests! I hope everyone is having a good summer. An important note: if you haven't received the email about series nominations and the open webmaster position this coming semester, please shoot me an email (there is a link on the officer's page). Looking forward to seeing everybody!
-Emily Bailey, VP of Cons and former Webmaster

Hello, and welcome all! A new semester has begun, and a whole bunch of things are being set in motion. The first meeting of the year will be this friday at 7pm, in Blow 332. Newcomers are welcome, and we look forward to meeting everyone. The library is going under review this semester, so the inventory list is down for now. The library is, however, still open. Pay your dues for semester and you can come check out what we have. There will be more announcements at the meeting.
-Emily Bailey, Benevolent Webmistress '13-14

Greetings! The group cosplay from this year's Katsucon is now posted on the Cosplay page. We were unable to perform a skit this year but you can check out our awesome costumes from a photoshoot we did! Photography credits go to Chris An!
-Joanna Shingler, Webmaster '12-13

Hi there! Just realized that I hadn't updated this main page yet this semester. Apologies. Anyways, this semester we are meeting in Blow Hall 333, which is a change from our old room in Blair. So remember to go there and join us! We still meet on Fridays at 7pm. I've updated the directions on our About page already, but it's easy to find if you know where Blair is. It's just across the street, between the residence halls Old Dominion and Monroe. We have a GREAT lineup this semester, so we hope to see you there!
-Joanna Shingler, Webmaster '12-13