Campus Events A/V Request

This form is for events that are held on campus that are NOT in the Sadler Center or Campus Center.  For those 2 buildings please go to and fill out Robin's form. If you are requesting for a student group or a department within Student Affairs simply put SA in the Account area so that we know it is for Student Affairs. We require at least 5 business days notice to ensure services can be provided. A contact will get in touch with you to further discuss costs or any specific instructions for the event. If you need support in less then 5 business days, please call the office and leave a message. If you DO NOT hear from anyone within 2 business days please contact Jeff Herrick at (757) 221-2404. Please note, you must schedule the room and check with the scheduling office (x13272) for availability. Thank you. 

AV Event Support Request Form

CONTACT AND GENERAL INFORMATION DATES AND TIMES   (click on the calendar to choose a date)
**Contact Person:   **Date of the Event:
**Phone Number:   **Set-Up Time:   :
**E-Mail Address:   **Event Start Time:   :
**Account No.:
(What should I enter here??) This is NOT your Personal ID #.   **Event End Date:
**This is an endowment: yes no   **Event End Time:   :
**Department or Group:  
**Type of Event:  
**Expected Attendance:      
**Event Location on campus
(not in Sadler or Campus Center) :
Will this event be held outside?  yes no

MUST be filled out correctly in order to be processed, so PLEASE either call for assistance or check out our frequently asked questions.

AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED (at least one must be chosen)
LCD Projector for Video (can show DVD or VCR choose one below) $125.00
LCD Projector for Computer (used to show computer images like powerpoint) $125.00
DVD $30.00
VCR $30.00
7 diagonal screen - $15
15 diagonal screen - $150
Overhead Projector (used for transparencies that you write on with a marker) $25.00
Sound System (Cost depends on size of venue, please call for a quote if needed)
     Not for DJs, bands, or parties.
Mixer (Cost depends on size of venue, please call for a quote if needed)
Wired Mic $15.00
Wireless Mic ($50.00): Please indicate how many and for what purpose they will be used in the detailed description below.
     Lavalier Mic
     Handheld Mic
Hookup for iPod sound
Hookup for Computer sound

Video Recording (includes audio on the recording) $50.00 Plus labor/hr (required)
Digital Audio Recording $35.00 Plus labor/hr, if required (check below)
Repair/Service equipment - $35/hr

Will You Require An AV Tech To Be Present? ($35.00 per hour)

While we do NOT expect you to be an A/V expert to fill out this form, please think about all the A/V needs for your event before submitting. If you need someone to discuss it with you and help you fill it out correctly, don't hesitate to call our office at (757) 221-2404. We always review that a request has been filled out properly. If we realize that there is something else you may need for the event we will either be sure to bring it or get in touch with you to see if you have made other arrangements.


File Attachment: 

 Please add any file that may be helpful (image, document, chart, etc). 1 megabyte limit.

** REQUIRED for this form to be accepted.