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Virginia Public Service Workers Union

W & M Chapter
Mission Statement

The Virginia Public Service Workers Union, Local 160 of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE), realize that the struggle to better working conditions is in vain unless we are united to protect ourselves collectively against the organized forces and systems of employers. This organization unites all workers on the basis of rank-and file democracy and membership control of our union, regardless of job classification, race, gender, nationality, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability or political belief. We shall pursue at all times a policy of clear-sighted, aggressive struggle to improve conditions on our jobs and in society.

The purpose of UE Local 160 shall be to promote, advance and defend the interests of public sector workers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. To repeal all laws which prohibit public employees the right to bargain collectively with or meet and confer with their employer.

The objective of UE 160 is to organize public sector workers into a rank-and-file controlled union to exercise collective power on the job and with government policymakers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Membership shall be open to all non-management workers employed in public service in the Commonwealth of Virginia are eligible for membership in UE 160. A non-management worker is defined as a person who does not have final authority to hire or fire another worker. Employees who serve as group leaders or who perform routine administrative functions of a quasi-supervisory nature shall not be excluded from membership in UE Local 160.

The Members Run This Union